You can use 'greetings' for your live chat to do much more than just say 'Hi,' to your site visitors. We can trigger personalized greetings depending on the type of visitor or reward returning visitors with discount codes.

Adding greetings to your live chat

To set up greetings for your live chat: 

  1. Go to your navigation panel >settings >automation >widget automation.
  2. Click on 'Add automation' and then 'Greetings'.

  3. Fill out the form:
    1. From
      Select whether a team, user, or a random user from a team will initiate the conversation.
    2. Select team
      Select which, team or user will initiate the conversation.
    3. Compose your greeting.
      Insert your greeting message here.

      💡 Click on '+Translate' to display your greetings in different languages.

  4. Next, we can customize who'll see your greeting.
    Here you'll get to select whether you want your greeting to trigger for everyone or set certain conditions that we explain in this article to trigger your greeting to a specific audience only.

  5. Once we've selected our target group, let's define when and where our greetings will be displayed.

    1. Delivery method
      You can choose to trigger your greeting:
      • immediately, which will trigger your greeting immediately after your visitor has landed on your site
      • after seconds on-page, which will trigger your greeting after a certain amount of time after your visitor has landed on your site.
    2. Seconds on page 
      If you selected 'After seconds on page', here you can indicate after how many seconds your greeting will trigger.
    3. Page selection
      Here you indicate on which pages you'd like your greeting to trigger on. Choose between:
      • All pages or
      • Select page URL,  and insert the page URL you'd like your greeting to trigger on.

  6. Publish your greeting.
    You can publish your greeting either immediately or schedule it to be published later.

    1. Start date
      Select a start date. To publish your greeting immediately select 'Now'. To schedule your greeting to go live later on, select 'Set start date' and select the date you want your greeting to go live.
    2. End date
      Select 'Never' if you don't have an end date for your widget, otherwise select 'Set end date' and specify the date you want your greeting to go offline.
    3. Select widget 
      Select the widget where you want to host your greeting on.
    4. Active
      Here you can activate or deactivate your greeting.
    5. Save
      Make sure to save your changes.

Awesome 👍🏼 You just set up a greeting.