The Trengo Balance

Anyone who uses Telephony or SMS within Trengo will come across the Balance. Credit is required in Trengo, for calling or texting. This works with a prepaid system; that is, the Balance must be upped before calls can be made or SMS messages sent.

Where can you find the Trengo Balance?

The Balance can be found under the Company Profile (via Settings -> Company Profile -> Balance Settings). In addition to being able to up the Balance here (in order to ensure that there is sufficient balance), an administrator of the Trengo account can also be notified by email as soon as the Balance drops under a preset credit amount. In addition, the payment history of the Balance can also be found here and it is possible to automatically top up the balance here. That way, a conversation can never be interrupted due to insufficient funds!

See how much credit there is

You can see how much money is left on the Balance in several places in Trengo, :


For example, the balance is shown in the SMS window (the button in the top right corner of the Trengo dashboard). If necessary, the Balance can be upped by an administrator with the flick of a switch.


Of course, the current value of the Balance is always shown at the Balance itself under the profile.

What does calling or sending SMS messages cost?

We kindly refer you to our Trengo website; here you can find our current rates for calling and sending SMS messages.