Help Center settings

In order to make the Help Center a well-functioning tool within your customer service, it's important that all settings are entered correctly. Make sure, for example, that the language is correct or use the Custom Head code to add a widget or a button yourself.

General settings in the Help Center

Under general settings the following things can be arranged:

Publish the Help Center

Customers can only really find their answers if the Help Center has been published and is online.

Company Name

To which organization does the Help Center belong?

Languages and Default language

Which translations should be added to the Help Center? And which language is the standard?

Help Center Title

The title or name of the Help Center; it appears above the search bar. This can be entered per chosen language.

Homepage URL

What is the website of the company? Fill this in at Homepage URL to allow visitors to the Help Center to surf back to the website. This can be a website of your choosing per chosen language.

Advanced settings

In addition to a good basis of settings, there are also a number of slightly more advanced settings. You can set up the following things:

  1. Add the Help Center to your own domain.
  2. Gather statistics and data through Google Analytics.
  3. Add custom buttons or the widget to the Help Center.

In addition, under the advanced settings of the Help Center, it's also possible to choose whether or not the Help Center is indexed in Google and is therefore included in the search results!