Assigning a conversation

In our inbox, we can assign each conversation to a specific person. You can either assign a conversation to yourself or to one of your team members or an entire team. When you assign a conversation, it will automatically be visible in the 'assigned to me' tab in the left sidebar.

Simply open a new conversation from the left sidebar and click on either 'assign to me' or 'assign' in the menu or in the conversation window.

That's it. Congratulations. You've assigned your first conversation in Trengo. It's that easy.

So, let's go ahead and open a conversation that has been assigned to us by clicking on 'assigned to me' in our left sidebar.

Now you'll see all conversations that have been assigned to you. Great.

As a team leader, you might also be interested in all the conversations that have been assigned by your employees, to see this, simply click on "assigned" within the inbox: 

Or check the number of assigned conversations per team by using the left sidebar to to navigate to a specific team and than look into assigned: