Left side bar

Let's get started with our left sidebar.

The left sidebar provides a set of tools that allows you to keep your inbox organized. Use the icon at the top of each tool element to collapse an element, click on the three dots next to it to customize each view.

If you're an account admin you can click on the + sign and you'll be navigated to each elements' settings, where you can easily create and add teams**,** channels, more labels, or add more users and views.


The personal elements display all conversations that are related to you. Think of conversations that have been assigned to you, that you've been mentioned on or that you've favored. But it also displays conversations in your private inbox. 


The team's element displays all team inboxes that you've been assigned to. Click in the 3 dots next to it, to select the teams you want to see in your inbox.


The channels element displays all channels that you've been assigned to. Click on the 3 dots next to 'Channels' to select channels that are most relevant to you.


Labels are tags that you apply to your conversations to keep your inbox organized and structured. The labels element displays all labels that have been created for your channels. Click on the 3 dots next to 'Labels' to select labels that are the most relevant to you.


In the users element, you can see all your colleagues that are also using Trengo. Click on the 3 dots next to users, if you want to adjust the users you see in your side bar.


Views allow you to single out conversations that only matter to you. Specify which views you'd like to see in your sidebar by clicking on the 3 dots next to views and selecting the right ones.

The Trengo logo and the icons on top of the sidebar allow you to open our navigation panel, view any notifications you've received and of course, start a new conversation.

Let's move on to our navigation panel.