Voice messages (greetings)

Voice greetings are messages that are played to a caller on the basis of the Voice settings. There are three types of Voice general Voice greetings: 

  • Welcome Greeting; 
  • No available agents greeting; 
  • Outside Business hours greeting. 

Nex to these greetings, if you choose to work with an IVR menu, you will have separate greetings as well. 

To select the fitting greetings, go to your navigation panel > settings > voice > edit channel > scroll down

Good to know, you can use Tengo's example greetings or add your own

Welcome greeting 

A welcome greeting will be played as soon as a caller is connected to your number. Therefore it is not possible to disable this greeting. It will be played at every incoming call. 

No available agents greeting

This greeting is played during business hours when: 

  • None of the agents are online for Voice calls:
  • All online callers are occupied with a call, and the queue time limit will be exceeded; 
  • The max queue size has been reached; 

If you use "Call forwarding" in Trengo, the no agents available will not be played, as the call will be forwarded automatically. 

Outside Business hours greeting

The Outside Business hours greeting will be played when: 

  • It is outside of the created business hours; 
  • Allow calls outside business hours is disabled.