Allowing calls outside of your Business hours

Within the Voice-channel's settings, you were able to select the fitting Business hours. If you want your organization to be available for calls at any time, use the feature "Allow calls outside business hours": 

How does this work? 

When switched off, as soon as your Business day ends, calls will automatically be directed to your companies Voicemail and callers will hear the "Outside Business hours" greeting. 

The channel does not take into consideration if agents are still online/available for calls (see the green phone icon next to their picture). 

By enabling "Allow calls outside business hours in the Voice channel, callers will be redirected to agents that are still available after the Business hours. 

So in that case, the colleague from the picture above will still be able to answer this phone call.

Enabling calls outside business hours

  1. Go to your voice channels settings ( settings > Voice > channel)
  2. Scroll down to its settings. 
  3. Make sure the button is dragged to the right to allow. 
  4. Click on "Save changes". 

To disable, make sure the button is switched to the left.