Porting a phone number (Dutch numbers only)

For certain countries, it's possible to port a phone number so that it can be used in the Trengo account. Then there's no need to communicate a new phone number to your customers! To start the process we need only one email! In this email, we would like to receive all the information listed below.

Please note: there are costs associated with the porting of the phone number(s). We will mention these costs in our confirmation of receipt. If you want to know what porting of a phone number costs in advance, please contact us!

Deliver the following information to us by sending an email to team@trengo.com :

  1. Company name or name of the private person
  2. First name
  3. Surname
  4. Email address
  5. VAT-number
  6. The number(s) or number block(s) that must be retained
  7. The desired date of the number retention (please note that this process can take up to six weeks)
  8. Job title of the person responsible for this request within the organization
  9. The name and date & place of birth of the responsible person within the organization
  10. An extract of the Chamber of Commerce (KVK) issued in the last three months

In the same email, we would also like to receive the most recent invoice from the current provider, which contains the following information. We only use this information to check the name, address, and number:

  1. Street
  2. House number
  3. Postal Code
  4. Place

Finally, we also like to receive the personal details of whom requested the portation. Note that this can only be a duly authorized person.

  1. Date
  2. First Name
  3. Surname
  4. Email address

Sending this email authorizes Trengo to acquire the entered telephone numbers from the previous provider and indicates that you are aware of the number porting request conditions (see text below).

Please note that due to different country regulations, per country there might be a need for extra information which we can request from you. 

Conditions for maintaining the phone number

Taking over your phone number(s) can take up to six weeks. Trengo keeps you informed about the final date of the takeover. The number porting can already take place while your contract term is still running with your current provider. Your provider will then send a final bill for the premature termination of your services. Trengo is not a party in this. If you have any questions about this, we advise you to contact your current provider. Various telecom providers also see the process of taking over phone numbers as a formal cancellation of all services. This means that all underlying services such as an internet -, pin - or alarm line will also be canceled. Trengo is not a party in this. Contact your current provider to discuss the consequences of moving a phone number.

When we receive the email in good order 📫, we'll send a message that the process is being set in motion. It goes without saying that we'll keep you informed of the process. As soon as the number is ported, we'll notify you. The phone number is then successfully ported to Trengo! 🎉

N.B.: as soon as a phone number has been ported, it is not possible to port it again during the following three months.