Set up Voice without a Twilio account

Note: some countries require official business documents to add a phone number. Should that be the case with the country you selected, you'll need to create a Twilio account.

  1. In your Trengo voice settings, fill out the form:

    1. Internal name
      Give your new Voice channel an internal name.
    2. Teams
      Assign the team(s) that will be responsible for all incoming Voice conversations.
    3. Country
      Select the country from which you would like to call. This doesn't necessarily have to be the country where you are located. For example: If you're a Dutch company with customers in France, you may decide to pick France as a country for your Voice channel.
    4. Prefix
      Select a prefix (optional).
    5. Phone number
      Pick a phone number.

      Some phone numbers require you to have a physical address in that specific region/country. Should that be the case with the phone number you selected, specify your address in the form.

  2. Next, agree to the monthly recurring costs of the selected phone number by ticking the box.

  3. Last, click on 'Create Channel'.

Your voice channel has now been set up! Ready to get started with its settings?