Configure your chatbot settings

Go to settings >chatbots and click on the chatbot you just created and on settings. 

The chatbot's settings are divided into three sections:

  1. General
  2. Content
  3. Advanced


Let's start with general. Here we can:

  • Publish or unpublish our chatbot
  • Give it a name
  • Assign it to the right channels


Here you assign the conversations your chatbot will have in different scenarios. To make it easy for you, we've already pre-filled this part. Feel free to adjust the conversations and make them your own.

💡Tip: Don't pretend a chatbot is an actual person. Let your customers know they're talking to a bot by giving it a playful name rather than a human name.


Agent fallback 
redirects a conversation from your bot to one of your users.

Failure limit 
the limit before the chatbot suggests redirecting the conversation to one of your users.

💡The lower you set the failure limit the quicker the bot will redirect a conversation to one of your users.

Partial answer failure limit
limit how many times your chatbot may fail to answer a multi-line question before a conversation is being redirected to one of your users.

💡By selling the 'partial answer failure' limit higher than the 'failure limit', your chatbot will be able to respond to lengthier and more complex questions even if it didn't completely understand the entire conversation.

Agent fallback confirmation 
asks the visitor for confirmation before redirecting the conversation to one of your users.

💡If left unchecked, the conversation will immediately be sent to one of your users without asking for confirmation first.

Answer confidence (%)
the threshold on how confident your chatbot should be about its answer.

💡the higher you set the percentage, the more confident your chatbot needs to be. If you're creating a new chatbot, be aware that your chatbot is still learning and won't know all the answers.

To start with, we advise you the following set up:

Agent fallback: active
Failure limit: -1 Partial answer failure limit: -3
Agent fallback confirmation: active Answer confidence: 70%

Next, let's add some content to your chatbot.