The anatomy of a help center

The help center consists of 4 majors parts:

  1. Blocks
  2. Categories
  3. Sections
  4. Articles

Let's start with blocks.

Help center blocks

Blocks allow you to create a structured overview of your help center. You can display them on your help center home page to navigate your customers to the right topics. It also helps you to link a Help center to other places with helpful information, such as a community, or your Youtube channel. 

At Trengo, we've created the following blocks:

To create blocks:

  1. Go to your help center > blocks.
  2. Click on 'New block'.
  3. Give your new block a title and assign a language to it. Select the right 'Link type' and save your changes.

    Different link types in a Block:
    External URL: select 'external URL' if you want to link your block to an external page.
    Category: select 'category' if you want to highlight specific categories in your block.
    Section: select 'section' if you want to highlight specific sections in your block.
    Article: select 'article' if you want to highlight specific articles in your block.

You can create as many blocks as you need to and adjust the order by dragging the blocks in the right position.

Help center categories

Think of categories as different chapters in a book which allows you to divide your help center into more organized parts.

To add categories in your Trengo help center:

  1. Go to your helpcenter > categories
  2. Click on 'New category'.
  3. You can now create your help center category.

    Give your new category a title, assign the right language, and add sections or insert articles to it.

Help center sections

Consider sections as sub-headings or paragraphs in a chapter. Create sections and nest them into your categories to navigate your customers to the right topics.

To create a section:

  1. Go to your help center >categories and select the category you want to add sections to.
  2. Click on 'Add section', give it a title, and insert the right articles into it.

Help center articles

The final contents: this is where you write all your information. To add articles to your help center:

  1. Go to your help center >articles
  2. Click on 'New article'.
  3. Next, assign your article to a category and decide if you want to highlight it on your help center homepage.

  4. Select the language, write, and style your article and click on publish.
  5. Make sure you save your changes.

Once you've saved your changes, you'll be able to view your article in your browser by clicking on 'view in browser'.