How to set up a chatbot

First, we need to add a chatbot to your Trengo account, we'll need two things:

  1. Admin account
  2. Google Cloud key

To set up your Chatbot

  1. Go to settings >chatbots.
  2. Click on the + sign.
  3. Fill out the form:

    1. Internal title
      Give your chatbot a name so, your team can recognize it.
    2. Chatbot language
      Here you set the language of your chatbot. Note: it is important that the language filled out here, is equal to the language in Google Dialogflow
    3. Channel
      Here you assign the right channels to your new chatbot.
    4. Google Cloud Key
      That's where you paste in your Google Cloud Key

How to retrieve your Google Cloud key:

  1. Go to Dialogflow and log in with your Google Account. Allow Dialog to access your Google Account and accept their terms & conditions.

  2. Next, click on 'create agent'.

  3. Here you can name your chatbot, select the right language and time zone, and click create.

  4. You should be seeing the following screen now. Click on 'settings'.

  5. Active 'Enable beta features and API's'.

  6. Next, click on your project ID. You'll be redirected to Google Cloud Console.
  7. Go to 'IAM & Admin' and click on 'Service Accounts'

  8. Let's create a new service account.

  9. Next, name your service account and give a short description and click on 'create'.
    💡 Tip
    Name your service account after your chatbot.

  10. Now we'll assign the right permission to our service account. Search for and assign the following roles:
    1. Dialogflow API Admin
    2. Dialogflow API Client and click 'continue'.
  11. Skip the step where you can grant users access and click on 'done'.

  12. Click on the three dots next to your created service account and choose 'manage keys' 
  13. On the new page, create a new key trough the 'Add Key' button. In the pop-up choose key type JSON and click 'create'  
  14. Your Google Cloud key has been saved to your computer.
  15. Go to your Google Cloud Console >API and Services >Enabled .
  16. Click on '+ Enable APIs and Services and search for 'Dialogflow API' and make sure it's enabled.

Next, let's start with the chatbot's settings