Setting up an IVR menu

Setting up your own IVR menu allows your customers to reach the right person or team within your organization in a few steps.

Create your own IVR menu

  1. Go to settings > channels > Voice > select a Voice channel > scroll to Voice menu and click the 'here' button.
  2. Click on the green + sign to create a new IVR menu.
  3. Next, fill out the form.
    1. Name
      Give your IVR menu an internal name.
    2. Greeting
      Select a greeting that will be played when a customer calls you. Don't have a Voice greeting uploaded yet? Learn how to create one below.
    3. Routes
      Fill out the possible options a customer has within this IVR menu: 
      1. Keystroke
        Which number needs to be pressed?
      2. Action
        Where does this option take the customer? 
      3. Greeting
        Which message follows after a customer has chosen this option

        Note: if you want to present multiple steps in an IVR menu, make sure to start building with the latest set of options a customer has on the menu.