Sending emails with your own domain from Trengo

To add your own email domain to Trengo:

  1. Go to settings >channels >email and select the right email channel.
  2. Scroll to 'Advanced' and click on 'here'.

  3. Click on 'New domain' and fill in your domain. Click on 'Add domain'.

  4. Great, your domain has been added. Next, we'll need to verify your domain. To verify your domain, click on 'view instructions' and insert your domain's email. A verification email will be sent there.

    Important: You won't need to follow the steps in the email but you will need to forward the verification email to

  5. Now you'll need to set up the DKIM and SPF. To set up your DKIM and SPF, copy your DNS record and add it to your DNS.

    Note: It can take up to 24 hours for all data to be processed.

  6. Once your domain has been verified and your DNS records approved, you'll be able to select your domain.

  7. Now you can add any email address that uses the domain to the list. Click on 'New domain' fill in the previously approved domain and click on 'Add domain'. Now go back and click on 'View instructions' to add the email address and click on 'Send verification email'. You are done adding the email address.