Adding Twitter to your Trengo inbox

Due to recent changes with Twitter's API,
Trengo is not longer able to support the Twitter integration.

Adding Twitter to your Trengo inbox will allow you to manage all incoming Twitter conversations and mentions directly in Trengo.

Add Twitter to Trengo

Follow the steps below, to add your Twitter account to Trengo.

1. Navigate to Settings > Channels > Twitter and click the ‘plus’ icon or ‘Connect Twitter’;

2. You will be redirected to Twitter. Log in with your Twitter credentials and click ‘Authorize app’;

3. Create your channel;

1. Internal name: The name of your Twitter channel.

2. Teams: The teams that have access to this channel.

3. Connected account: The Twitter account you just connected to Trengo.

4. Create channel: Click this button to create your Twitter channel.

Now you’ve created your channel, you can choose which content you’d like to receive in your Trengo inbox.

4. Set up your channel further and scroll down to the ‘Twitter’ section;

1. Connected account: The Twitter account you connected to Trengo.

2. Private messages: Choose if you’d like to receive Twitter’s private messages in your Trengo inbox.

ℹ️ Incoming Twitter messages are not updated automatically. Therefore a slight delay may be experienced in receiving private messages.

ℹ️ Twitter allows up to 280 characters for each outbound message. Should you exceed its limit, we'll notify you to adjust your response.

3. Mentions: Enable or disable the option to receive mentions in Trengo.

Don’t forget to update your channel, in case you applied changes, and you’ve now successfully connected your Twitter account to Trengo! Did you know you can also connect your Facebook and Instagram account to the Trengo inbox?