Sending emails with Trengo

To send emails, either answer an incoming email message from a customer by assigning it to yourself or simply create a new conversation using the pen icon in your inbox. 

Sending email attachments with Trengo 

Just the way you are used to, you can send attachments in your emails with Trengo. You can send emails as embedded files or as links.

To set the attachment type an administrator can go to the navigation panel > settings > channels > email, select the right email channel, and scroll to advanced.

Attaching a file to your email

You can attach a file:

1. Using the paper clip icon

2. Dragging the file into your conversation. 

You can also embed images into your email, using the image icon, or simply drag the image into the text field of the email. 

Sending quick replies with Trengo

To use quick replies for your email, simply click on the quotation marks.

To learn more about quick replies, read this article.

My email was rejected

There are two main reasons why your email couldn't be sent:

  1. Due to a soft bounce reject.
    This is often related to a temporary inability to deliver an email. One of the most common examples of soft bounce rejects is full inboxes.
  2. Hard bounce reject. 
    Hard bounce rejects are related to permanent inability to deliver an email. This can have various causes, such as an incorrect recipient email address. In the case of a Hard-bounce, always check whether the email address of the recipient is correct first.

If an email is rejected, the conversation will automatically reopen and be seen in your "assigned to me" inbox.