Setting up your email channel

After logging in with Gsuite or Outlook, or creating a forwarding channel, it is time to pick your first settings.

Let's get you through these steps:

  1. Channel name
    The channel name will help you and your colleagues to recognize emails that have come into the inbox on this specific email address.
  2. Choose if this channel is used for a team or a single user;
    1. Use the channel with a team
      This is best used for team-wide channels, like your support email or your info@-inbox. Creating a team channel will allow all members from one (or more) teams to answer the emails that come in on this email address.
    2. Use the channel for an individual user
      If you really want to use Trengo for all your communication channels, you can use this option to connect your personal email address to Trengo as well. Selecting "for a user" will give you the option to choose to which user the inbox belongs and this person will be the only person who has access to the emails that come in on this channel.
  3. Select team
    Naturally, this will only be shown if you chose to use this channel with a team in step 2. Here you can decide which teams have access to this email address.

­čĺíNote: You can add as many teams to a channel as you like, but be smart on this. Only add people that need to have access to all the emails in this inbox. Users outside of these teams can always be informed about a specific email by using a tag.

  1. Email sender name
    This will be the name that is visible in your customer's inbox after you or your teammates have sent them an email using this channel.

You can choose to just have the company or brand name here, or give it a personal touch by using [agent.first_name] and/or [agent.last_name] here. These customizable parts are called "tags" and they will automatically be replaced by the name of the agent handling the conversation.

Once you have set up these first steps, click on "create channel" to add the channel to Trengo. From then on, you'll be able to respond to emails using your Trengo inbox.

Choose if you wish to: