Responding to Facebook's private messages in Trengo

Now that you've added Facebook as a channel in your Trengo account, you'll be receiving all Facebook messages in your Trengo inbox.

Before you start answering all incoming messages, here's what you should know:

Facebook's 24-hour rule

Aim to respond to all incoming Facebook conversations within a 24-hour window as Facebook's Platform Policy requires all businesses to respond within the first 24 hours.

💡 Note, this does not mean that all messages will have to be sent within 24 hours. You still have the ability to respond to messages within a 7-day window. This means that responding to all messages that cannot be resolved within the standard messaging window (e.g. business is closed down during the weekend or the issue requires more than 24 hours to be solved) will still be possible within a timeframe of 7 days.

Automated messages and content unrelated to the inquiry will not be allowed outside of the 24-hours window.

Maximum number of characters

Facebook allows up to 640 characters in 1 message. Should you exceed its limit, we'll notify you to adjust your response.