One-Way versus Two-Way SMS

At Trengo, there are two ways you can reach your customers with an SMS.

  1. One-way SMS
    This is a non-reply SMS. The receiver won't be able to respond to your SMS. The one-way SMS method is mainly used for important updates or news.
  2. Two-way SMS 
    Send and receive SMS messages using a Two-Way SMS channel. 

Adding a one-way SMS channel to your Trengo inbox.

Be aware that not due to national or local legislation the use of a One-Way SMS channel may not be allowed in your country. A list of countries which do not support One-Way SMS can be found within the settings of the SMS channel.

To send out SMS, you can now start a new conversation and select SMS as the sender.

Note: should your customers try to respond to your SMS, they will receive an error message depending on their operating system.

Adding a two-way SMS channel to your Trengo inbox.

With the two-ways SMS channel, you can send and receive messages from and in Trengo. 

To add the two-way SMS to your Trengo inbox:

  1. Go to your settings >channels >SMS 
  2. Click on the green + sign to add SMS to your Trengo inbox and choose if you wish to add your own Twilio account or want to work with Trengo directly.
    Note: some countries require to add extra information before a number can be purchased. In those cases you won't be able to use our Trengo account.
  3. Fill out the form.
    1. Internal name
      The name is for internal purposes only.
    2. Teams
      Assign the team(s) that'll be responsible for your two-way SMS channel.
    3. SMS settings
      Type: Make sure you select 'Two-way (send & receive)' as your SMS type.
      Country: Select the country.
      Prefix: Assign a prefix if applicable.
      Toll free: Decide if you want a toll free number. Toll-free numbers are not available in all countries and there might be additional fees charged to your account.
      Phone number: Here you get to pick your phone number.
      Address: Fill out your address and accept the monthly recurring costs.
    4. Create channel
      Click on 'Create channel' to add the two-way SMS method to your Trengo inbox.

From now on, your customers can also reach you via SMS. All SMS conversations can now be received and answered in your Trengo inbox.

  1. Next, assign the teams responsible for all incoming SMS conversations.
  2. Assign a color to your SMS channel.
  3. Select the notification sound once an SMS conversation enters your Trengo inbox.
  4. Set your channel availability but selecting the right business hours.
  5. Insert your email if you'd like to be notified once a SMS conversation enters your Trengo inbox.

Awesome. You're good to go.

Useful: Learn how to set up auto-replies for your SMS channel.