Conversation options in Trengo

Apart from the fact that it's possible to carry out a number of actions per message, this is also possible with the entire (email) conversation. 

First of all, there are two icons directly above the conversation: the alarm clock ⏰ and the star ⭐️ . The Alarm clock provides the ability to set a reminder for conversations. This helpt so keep track of a conversation, when it requires a future action. By starring the conversation, it is marked as a favorite, so you know this conversation requires special attention! 

All the other options are displayed using the three dots in the top right corner (next to Assign / Close on the right hand side): 

Forward conversation

Forward the entire conversation to a new recipient.

Mark conversation as spam

Places the conversation in the Spam Inbox. The sender is will also be viewed as a Spammer, so future messages will also end up here.

Merge conversation

The option to merge multiple conversations from the same sender into one well-organized conversation.

Download conversation

Download the conversation to make it visible offline.

Print conversation

It is also possible to print the entire conversation history.

Delete conversation

Doesn't not just close the conversation, but deletes it from Trengo.