How to translate a Help Center article

Does your organization have customers who don't speak Dutch? Then it's nice if all customers can go to the Help Center and read in their own language. The best part is: Help Center articles can be translated! Additionally, the different languages of one and the same article can be connected to each other­čĺ¬!

Adding a language to the Help Center

In order to be able to translate the articles in the Help Center, it's first of all necessary that the possible languages are added under the settings of the channel. Here under the general setting is the option "Languages". By typing the language here in English, it can be added to the Help Center.

After making a change, always save the settings to ensure that they are retained.

Translate an article

If all languages have been added to the settings, it's time to translate the Help Center. This can be done by editing the original article. To the top left of the article, the current language is mentioned in a drop-down menu. By clicking on it, another language can be selected and the translation can be done right away. Then save this language again and publish it, just like the original article .

Please note: the translated article is not shown in the overview, because the overview always shows only one language at a time. To see which articles already exist in a certain language, the display list can be changed at the top of the menu. Neatly organized!