How to communicate your SMS number by using Google Adwords

Two-way SMS is a powerful tool in Trengo, which can become even more powerful by communicating the SMS number in the right places. A useful application which can be used for this is the "Click to message" option in Google Adwords.

The "Click to message" extension by Google Adwords

This extension can be set up in the following way.

  1. Log in to the Google Ads account of the organization.
  2. Navigate to Ads & extensions in the menu and choose "Extensions".
  3. Click the + button to add an extension.
  4. Select the "Message extension" option
  5. Select the correct account and/or the right campaign or Ad group and add the Message extension.
  6. You can then link a new or an existing message extension.
  7. Fill in the data with the existing options:
    • Extension text: The text shown in the advertisement (minimum of -5- and a maximum of -25- characters).
    • Business name: The company name (1-25 characters).
    • Phone number: The phone number linked to Two-way SMS in Trengo must be entered here in international format.
    • Message text: The option to provide a pre-typed text to customers who click on the link. (For example: "Hi Trengo! I have the following question for you:") This text may contain between 10 and 100 characters (including spaces).
  8. Under the advanced settings of the tool, you're able to set the link at certain times and dates or not to show it.
  9. Click on "Save" to save the settings.

In this way, (potential) customers are invited to contact the organization in an accessible and easy way!