The administrator's dashboard

An administrator of the Trengo account has the most privileges within the system. He/she is the person responsible for adding and removing channels, - users and managing the settings within the account. In addition, an administrator can also manage the statistics of the account, but the administrator can also work in Trengo just like all other colleagues.

The administrator's dashboard

When an administrator logs into Trengo, he/she will see the screen below. At the top of the menu, there are three functions that other users in Trengo do not have: statistics, users and settings. These show all the extra possibilities of the administrator account's privileges.

The statistics of the Trengo account can be found under Statistics : how many tickets are created by a certain communication channel, which agent assigns the tickets to self quickest, and so on.

Working in a larger team, or adjusting the rights of a particular user? This can be done under the User menu.

Perhaps the most extensive possibilities of an administrator can be found under the Settings tab of the account. Here an administrator can, among other things: add, manage and/or delete channels.

Trengo account settings

As said before: all channels can be managed under the Settings of the account. For example, a Chat channel can easily be added or modified here. In addition, there are many possibilities under Settings to personalize the Trengo account and making it fit in with the organization.

A number of adaptations can be made here:

  1. Opening hours; 
    This makes it clear when the organization can and cannot be reached.
  2. Add tags to link to conversations; 
    Labels make it easy to categorize conversations.
  3. Add Quick Replies; 
    This makes it more efficient for the agents to answer customer's questions.
  4. Add your own fields to tickets, contacts and profiles; 
    This way a clear overview can be made as complete as possible.

Under the settings of the account, Rules can be created and ticket results can be set up. In addition, only a person with administrator rights can add articles to the Help Center. Finally, the company data can also be managed under Settings.