The trial period expires: what are the following steps?

Is the trial period coming to an end and does your organization want to keep using Trengo? Then you can complete the Company Profile with your organization's financial information 💸. This ensures that Trengo can continue to be deployed to the fullest. 

Where can you update the Subscription settings?

The payment details can be filled in via the Company Profile; an administrator of the account can find this within the settings of the Trengo account. Payment can be made in two ways: via Direct Debit or with a Credit Card. In addition, it is also possible to fill in the Invoice data.

In addition, you can choose the right package here. Trengo has already indicated which package is minimally required for the current settings within the account. However, it is always possible to choose a larger package.

Before filling in the payment data, check whether everything is correct: have all channels been discarded that are not being used? Are the right users in the account? In this way, it is prevented that a larger amount is calculated than expected in the first instance.

Another tip is to ensure that there is only one clear administrator in the system. Give the other employees or a User or Team leader role. In this way, only one person can add and remove extra channels and / or users and you will not be faced with surprises!

If everything is filled in correctly, it is a matter of pressing "Save"! Tadaaaa🎉! Now the organization is an official customer of Trengo! We wish you plenty of user fun!