How to respond to an SMS

Now that SMS messages can be received in Trengo, it's important that these conversations are assigned and answered. The layout of SMS messages is almost the same compared other conversations in Trengo, making it just as easy to answer them!

In this way, an answer can easily be typed in the text bar. In addition, there's also the possibility to insert a Quick Reply situated under the text field, send smileys or delete the text already typed in one go, just like all other messaging channels.

How do I recognize an SMS?

An SMS can be recognized by its own icon: a speech bubble with three dots. In addition, the channel is also listed. So it's clear that this concerns SMS messages, how convenient!

Tip: There are costs involved with sending SMS messages. One SMS message can contain a maximum of 160 characters. If the text is longer, several messages are automatically charged for this.