Using the One-way SMS channel

The first thing you'll notice when you create an outbound SMS channel is that there's no mention of 'creating' or entering a phone number. That is indeed correct! Outbound texting goes via the internet and because there's no need to respond, a phone number is not required. Is it also free? No, it's not. For the current rates regarding SMS messages, we kindly refer you to In order to make this possible, the Balance can be topped up in the Balance sheet.

What's important when setting up a SMS channel?

To add a One-Way SMS channel, navigate to Settings --> SMS and click on the Green +-button. Make sure to select "One-Way SMS" as a type and fill out the following settings: 

  • Choose a clear internal name.
  • Ensure that the right teams and business hours are added to the channel. Only then can employees get started with the SMS function in Trengo.
  • Finally, a sender name can be chosen (for example, the name of the organization).

Save all settings and the SMS channel has been created! From now on, customers can be kept informed of various events by means of a short message. Any adjustments to the SMS channel can be made under Settings -> SMS -> Edit.

What happens if a customer responds to an SMS from the outbound channel?

As mentioned, outbound SMS within Trengo is a channel via which only messages can be sent. What happens when a customer decides to send a response via SMS? Depending on the mobile phone that's being used, this person will receive a message that the message cannot be sent. For example, in iOS, the sender is notified by placement of a red exclamation mark next to the message. Also, the text "Not delivered" will be displayed.