Exporting statistics

It's useful that statistics in Trengo can be viewed, but it's even better that this information can also be exported. It can then be included in an annual report for example.

In the same bar in which a selection can be made for displaying certain statistics, the option "Export" is shown to the right. Those in the Trengo account with administrator privileges can select which information should be exported.

First of all, select the period of time to be displayed in the exported statistics. Note: the period is not automatically included in the overview and should therefore be set in the export window. It's important to follow the steps mentioned below when selecting the time period (see figure below):

  1. Click on the calendar under Period.
  2. Select a start date in the left calendar.
  3. Select an end date in the right calendar.
  4. Select "Apply" at the bottom left.

Choose in which data you would like insight; this can range from ticket numbers to results and even labels. By selecting the correct columns and clicking on "Export", a CSV file is generated and downloaded. This file can then be further processed on your computer.

We added another function here: previously created export files can be downloaded again in the Export window.