How's your business doing in Trengo? View the statistics!

In Trengo it's not just about a clear overview; it's also easy to keep track of your business' performance by viewing the statistics! These statistics can only be viewed by the administrator of the Trengo account.

What can I see under Statistics?

The statistics in Trengo can provide easier insight into the degree of efficiency within the organization and the service provision of the organization. The following data can be viewed quickly and clearly.

  1. The number of new tickets; 
    The number of tickets that arrive in Trengo every day, being categorized as new.
  2. The number of closed tickets; 
    The number of conversations that are concluded daily.
  3. The number of tickets per channel type; 
    Makes it easy to see via which channel most of the communication takes place.  
  4. First response time in minutes; 
    How long does it take for a customer to receive a response? Note: automatic responses are also added to this tally!
  5. Handling time. 
    How much time is there between assigning - and concluding a conversation.

For example, it's easy to see how many tickets are handled per channel and whether these tickets are assigned quickly. You can also make it easier to see via which channel most tickets arrive! Very convenient for your organization!

What information should be displayed?

Per type of statistic, you can indicate what exactly should be displayed by means of the following options:


The period of time over which the statistic(s) must be shown. A number of standard time periods can be activated with a simple mouse click. In addition, it's also possible to set a period of time manually.


Curious about the statistic(s) of a particular channel? You can find the particulars here.


Statistics can also be viewed per employee. For example, it can quickly become clear how many tickets a given employee handles in one week.


Do you use the labeling system in Trengo? Then the statistics of the use of labels can also be displayed. For example, it can become clear how many leads have been acquired in a certain period of time.

Moreover, it's also possible to export all these statistics as a CSV file. Processing information in for example annual reports and other financial business related documents has never been so easy!