How to record more data by using custom fields

Sometimes it's easy to have just a little more information at hand concerning a certain a customer. Every company has its own needs and/or methods and you can create these extra fields yourself in Trengo. It's possible to create an extra field for a Contact , a Profile and a conversation .

Adding own fields

Adding your own fields can be done by following these steps:

  1. Under the Settings of the Trengo account, navigate to "Custom Fields".
  2. Give the field a name as it should be displayed.
  3. Select whether it's an extra field for a contact, a profile or a conversation.
  4. Indicate where the field should appear.
  5. Click on the blue button "Add extra field".

The extra field will be added to the desired location immediately.

Filling additional fields with information

These extra fields are of course not created to be left blank. It's the intention that these will be filled by the employees with the right information.

In addition to being able to fill this manually, the API can also automatically read everything from the CRM system. We advise you to consult your IT-er or webdeveloper for the most useful application of the API.