Keep the inbox clear by use of labels

Would you like to know whether a certain contact is a customer or an employee? It's easy to categorize conversations by use of labels in Trengo. The organization can maintain a clear overview in such a way! 

Creating labels

Labels can be created by following these steps:

  1. Within the Settings of Trengo, navigate into "Labels".
  2. Add a label via the green button.
  3. Fill in a fitting title for the label and select a color. 
  4. Select the channels in which the label needs to be shown.
  5. Set the sort order, to make sure the most important labels appear first. 
  6. Save the label by clicking the blue "Save changes" button.

The created labels can always be edited within these settings. This way they can be provided with a new title or a different color.

Archiving labels

Is a label no longer relevant but would you like to keep its data? By archiving the label this can be achieved. 

Using labels in Trengo

Labels can be attached to a conversation in two ways: manually or automatically by means of a Rule. Every employee can manually attach a label to a conversation, but it's maybe easier and more efficient to create a Rule that "recognizes" certain types of messages and automaticaly attaches the right label to them.

Employees can manually add labels to a ticket in this way:

Good to know: it's also possible to search for a label when it needs to be inserted. Simply type the first letters of the label name in the search box and then select the desired label.