Tip: notify a colleague of a conversation via a tag

With this handy function, the extensive sending of internal emails is a thing of the past! Tag a colleague and describe the most important points through an internal message in Trengo. This is super fast and incredibly well-organized! Moreover, the customer doesn't see those internal notes!

How does tagging work?

Super easy! At the bottom of each conversation, there is a gray bar which says says: "Type an internal message". That is where it all happens. Not only can internal notes be written there, but colleagues can be mentioned by tagging them. Use the "@" character to do so. They then receive a notification and are thus fully informed again!

Another great feature: tags can be changed into to-do's for the mentioned colleague. This way it is clear whether a question has been tackled or not. By tagging yourself in conversations it is possible to create to-do lists. The summary of all the mentions can be found in the "Mentioned"-menu. 

By checking of to-do's they turn green and it is clear a taks has been fulfilled!