Automatically assign spam to the spam box

We've recently updated and improved the Spamfilter in Trengo, which the organization can now enable or disable themselves. An extra way to prevent the Trengo inbox from silting up completely with irrelevant messages is by using the Rules function. By setting up Rules in such a way that spam is automatically referred to the spam box, the inbox remains neat and efficient!

Lots of spam from the same organization

Is there a lot of spam in the inbox from one and the same organization? Do they use a different email address each time, but the same domain? Filter out that spam:

Before setting the Rule, check if:

  1. The rule is active.
  2. The correct channel within Trengo has been selected.
  3. The option "contains" is chosen and not "equals". For example, an email address only has to contain the described information, instead of being 100% equal to it.
  4. The "Mark as Spam" action is selected.

In addition, our advice is to label a spam message to a spam-bound rule; this ensures that you can check afterwards that a specific message has been transferred to the spam box by this rule. In this way, these messages can easily be recognized afterwards. For example messages which have been marked as spam when they shouldn't have in the first place!

By means of the "OR" function, several spam accounts can be added to this filter at the same time. Please note that you actually do choose "Or" and not "Add Condition", so that the message only needs to contain one of the email addresses in order to be to be filtered!

Keep in mind that messages placed in the Spam folder will be deleted after 14 days!