Strange phone numbers and their meaning

Does it ever happen that people call using a phone number that doesn't seem so real at first glance? Check whether the number appears in the list below. Often it's the case that the caller has chosen not to make him/herself known. The caller uses an Anonymous phone number, for example. In Trengo, Anonymous and similar calls are transformed into phone numbers.

The following combinations can occur:

  • RESTRICTED (Limited) => 737 874-2833
  • BLOCKED (Blocked) => 256-2533
  • UNKNOWN (Unknown) => 865-6696
  • ANONYMOUS (Anonymous) => 266696687
  • UNAVAILABLE (Not available) => 86282452253
  • [EMPTY] (Empty) =>

The advice is not to link these numbers to the profiles of the person calling, since several persons have the possibility to call "Anonymously". Trengo does not recognize the different callers, because these are all marked as the same number. All Anonymous calls are therefore bundled under the same contact.