Provide a well-organized Help Center; use categories and sections!

A Help Center is only really efficient for customers if the answers can be found easily. Customers can use the search function within the Center, but creating a clear overview can certainly make a difference. That's why it's possible to divide articles into different categories and sections in the Help Center!

Create categories in the Help Center

Whoever edits the Help Center under the Settings of Trengo will see the option Categories (the first in the menu). From here the different categories can be created and managed. You can create a new category using the blue button in the top right corner.

Once created, the category is also opened for editing. In addition to the fact that during editing of an article you can choose under which category it falls; you're also able to post an article in a category afterwards. Pretty convenient when a category doesn't yet exist at the time of writing the article.

Please note that once a category has been created, it's immediately online in the Help Center (provided the latter is published of course).

Sections within the Categories

A category is usually a main subject, within which a lot of sub-topics can be described. By adding sections to the category, a Help Center visitor can more easily navigate to the answer to a specific question. As can be seen in the image above, the creation of a section is controlled with just one push of a button. By subsequently clicking on "Section Title", the section can also be provided with a recognizable title and articles can then be added.

By clicking on the cross at the right of the section title, a section is deleted just as quickly as it was created.

Placing articles in sections

As described, articles can be placed in a category in two ways: while editing an article or editing a category. Placing an article within a section is another thing. This can be done by dragging the article to the correct section. Placing an article above or under another article also determines the order.

Is the section further down in the category and should you normally scroll down to reach it? By moving the mouse all the way to the bottom of the screen, outside the section fields, the screen automatically scrolls down. This way the article can still be placed in the correct section.

Removing an item from a category

Deleting an article from a category is also possible in two ways. The easiest way is to choose the item in the bar of the article by editing a category. A confirmation is then requested and as soon as it's given the article will disappear from the category.

By editing the article, the category can also be changed or deleted again.