Create and edit a profile

All communication becomes really clear when working with profiles.

Attaching a contact to a profile

When a new conversation comes in, a contact can be linked directly to a profile in the following way:

  1. Click on the conversation to show the content.
  2. Navigate to the right side of the screen and click on "Attach profile".
  3. Type the name of the profile and select the correct one from the list.

At the moment that a contact is linked, the complete overview of contact moments within that profile also appears at the bottom right of the screen. This makes it easy to search in the conversation history.

Creating a new profile

Doesn't a desired profile exist yet? Then add it by entering the whole name and choosing "New Profile". This way, a new profile is immediately created to which all future communication can be linked. Well organized!

Everything in one place

As soon as a profile is linked or created all the information within the profile will be shown within the folders in the sidebar. It is even possible to switch between specific contact information and profile information, by simply selecting "contact" or "profile" in the sidebar. 

Within the profile folders the following information can be retrieved: 

Profile fields: 

Custom fields concerning a profile, such as a Relation number or anything that fits the organization. 

Profile contact moments

All the contact moments within the profile are listed here, from every channel. 

Has there been an exchange of documents, images or any other attachments? All these are shown in the sidebar as well.

Search and manage profiles

At the top of the menu you can choose "Profiles". Anyone who clicks on this will be added to the list of all profiles created by the employees of the organization. This way you can quickly search for a customer. In addition, all contacts are sorted in a profile and a clear history of all contact moments can be seen.

You can also remove a contact from a profile here; the contact is easily removed by clicking on the cross behind the contact. In addition, notes about a profile can be written so that colleagues know all the information!