Create and edit a contact

As soon as a new message arrives, a contact will be created immediately. In the conversation, a contact name can actually be given directly to the contact. It does not matter whether it is a chat conversation, phone call, email or any other channel. In just a few seconds it can become clear with which customer you communicated, even in the ticket screen!

Give a name to a contact

By simply clicking on the current "name", an entry field is opened in which the already entered information can be easily adjusted. This can be done at any time, even if someone has already communicated with an employee of your organization.

Within this sidebar, all the contact information is divided over several folders:


Within "Info", the possibility to add labels is stored, as well as the channel the customer has used to contact the organisation and the conversation number. Besides, the ticket status is shown and in case of a customer who reached out via chat, it can be seen whether this person is is still on the website or not. 

Contact fields:

Custom created contact fields, where a relation number or order number can be filled out are shown within the folder "Contact fields". 

Contact groups: 

Within this folder a fitting contact group can be chosen. 

Contact moments: 

Has there been more contact with this customer? Check out the contact history within contact moments. 

Contact notes: 

Leave a note about a customer, of read the notes colleagues left, to have a complete image of the customer.

Has there been an exchange of documents, images or any other attachments? All these are shown in the sidebar as well. 

Manage all contacts

You can access the contact list via the main menu at the top of the Trengo screen. In this contact list you can easily find a contact by searching for name, telephone number or email address.

Note: if searching for a phone number, enter the international format ( 316 instead of 06 ); this is how phone numbers are stored in Trengo!

By selecting the desired contact, all the information belonging to this person is shown: the address and / or telephone number, to which contact groups the person belongs, the possible extra fields, but also a timeline of all contact moments on the right.

In addition to all these options, it is also possible to make a note about this contact for colleagues. In addition, a contact can also be deleted (this is irreversible!) or exported here (as a PDF file).