Work more efficiently by using contact groups

If you work with contact groups, you can work even faster in Trengo. Certainly because these groups can be used for functions such as bulk SMS. This way, a whole group of people can be reached with one click of the mouse!

Creating a contact group

Contact groups can be created by taking the following steps.

  1. Navigate to Settings in the Trengo dashboard;
  2. Under Settings choose the "Contact groups" function;
  3. Click on the green + button to create a new group;
  4. Give the contact group a recognizable name;
  5. Save the contact group.

There aren't any contacts in the group at the moment the contact group is created. These can be added by navigating to "Contacts" in the Trengo dashboard. Subsequently, per contact, by means of checking a box, you can be select whether a contact is part of the group or not.

This way people who belong to a similar group can easily be reached at once. It's also possible to link contacts to a group at the moment they're imported!