Bulk SMS: approach the whole world in one go!

Do you want to approach a large group of people directly by sending one message ? Then use bulk SMS in Trengo! This function can be requested by an administrator of the Trengo account and can then be easily used by the entire team.

How to send bulk SMS

Sending bulk SMS in Trengo is almost a one-to-one equivalent to sending a normal SMS. So the same rules apply. The big difference is that multiple contacts can be accessed simultaneously with bulk SMS. These persons can be added in different ways:

  • From the contact list in Trengo;
  • By entering separate numbers (please note: this always has to be in international format with 316 instead of 06 );
  • By selecting an entire contact group.

Please note: this last option will only be visible if an administrator has actually created contact groups in Trengo.

After that, just like a single SMS, it's a matter of typing a message and sending it to all recipients!

Sending SMS in bulk, but keeping a personal touch

A disadvantage of bulk SMS may be that it may appear as distantiated and impersonal to the recipient. By using a number of smart options, a message can be created so that it looks personal. There are a number of functions that can make the message just a bit more personal below the message bar. 

For example, the code [name] can be used to send the name of a contact in an SMS, but also contact fields which are created by you, such as [customer number]. For example, a customer does not necessarily have to know that he receives the same message as a very large group of other people.

How to use postponed sending

The prepared bulk message can be sent immediately after creation, but also at any other desired time. So it's not necessary to be active in Trengo during the weekends in order to be able to approach people at those times. 

By choosing the option "Scheduled" under sending moment, a date and time can be selected on which the SMS must be sent. With the "direct" option, the message is sent to the world within a blink of an eye.

Checking (bulk) SMS message(s)

Communicating openly and honestly, that's what we love at Trengo! Therefore, it is possible to check a bulk message before it is scheduled or dispatched. This way you can check whether the content of the message is correct, but also to how many people the message is sent and what the costs involved are. Isn't that neat!