Sending SMS messages via Trengo

It may sound strange, in a world that's all about the internet, but SMS can certainly add value to an organization! There are two types of SMS in Trengo: One-way and Two-way. One-way means that it is an outbound channel: a customer can not respond to the sent SMS message(s). Therefore, it's a channel that's mainly used to invite people to a conversation or to keep people informed of (significant) updates. For the latter it can be interesting to reach a large group of people in one go. This is made possible through the "bulk" function of SMS .

The same functions are also available for the Two-way SMS channel, but a customer can respond. So a real SMS conversation can be held via the Trengo application.

Sending one SMS via Trengo

SMS can also be used to inform only one person at a time, for example regarding the status of an order or other information that does not necessarily require a response. To do this, you must have access to the SMS channel. An administrator may grant access to this by linking a user to the right team . If this is the case, the SMS channel can be opened on the right of the window.

The following information can then be entered in the SMS channel:

  • The recipient; 
    The phone number of the recipient can be entered under receiver. It is important that this is done in an international format, with 316 instead of 06 , if this is, for example, a Dutch number.

  • The send channel (the sender)
    If the organization uses multiple SMS channels, you can choose the channel that must be used for this SMS message.

  • The message 
    The content of the message can be written here. Note: the same rules apply to Trengo SMS as with normal SMS messages: a maximum of 160 characters in one message. If the message is longer, several messages are automatically charged for this. The possible use of emojis and special punctuation marks such as 'é' can be charged as separate characters.

The number of characters is recorded and displayed in Trengo. It is always clear how many text messages are charged for a message (one credit is equal to one SMS in this case). Someone with administrator rights can top up the credit to ensure that SMS messages can be sent.

Under the heading "Sender", you can choose from which channel the message must be sent. Therefore, a distinction is made between the One-way or the Two-way channel here. The second is displayed with a phone number.

After typing the message, it's only a matter of pressing the green submit button and the message is underway! It's easy to see which message has already been sent to whom in the underlying overview. Your colleagues are thus also informed!

Texting via the Trengo inbox

It's easy to start a SMS conversation by using the Trengo inbox. Simply use the plus sign above the ticket overview!

Then the right channel can be chosen (both One Way and Two Way). Under sender, choose a contact or type in a telephone number in international format and set up the message. By clicking the green button the message is will be sent to its recipient!

PLEASE NOTE: in this case the number of characters and therefore the number of credits are not shown. We advise you to tally the number of characters (and thus the amount of credits used) yourself!