How to give answers in a chat or social messaging conversation

Giving answers a LiveChat or a Social Messaging conversation is very similar in Trengo and it's very simple! It's just a matter of typing the answer in the chat bar and pressing the Enter button. The message will then be sent.

Type a response

To answer in a chat, only one message needs to be typed in the white field. By means of clicking the Enter button, the message is sent immediately and delivered in the customer's window. It's as simple as that!

There are a number of other options applicable for the chat conversation below the chat bar, :

Quick Replies

Quick replies can be inserted with the ' " ' character. These are standard answers to frequently asked questions, so they do not have to be typed out completely every time and thus save a lot of time.

Emojis 😄

The use of emojis can make a chat conversation more personal and add more empathy. Please note, however, that an emoji is not used in every sentence; using too many emojis may make the customer feel that he or she is not being taken seriously.

So: emoji's are good, but use them moderately!


By using the paper clip icon 📎, attachments can be added; by means of the litter bin icon, any added attachments can be removed again.

A drag and drop action from the original folder into the chat bar works perfectly fine as well. 

Finishing up and closing a conversation

If the question is answered, the chat conversation can be completed and possibly be closed by clicking "close" in the top right corner. Our advice is to only close a ticket when a customer has left the website and therefore he/she is "offline". After all, a chat conversation that has been closed cannot be reopened again. In this way, a customer can always ask a new question, should this be necessary.