How to accept a chat conversation

The Live Chat function is a popular communication channel for many of our customers. They can easily and in a non-committal way contact you and quickly get the answer to their question. That answer is, of course, given via the Trengo team inbox.

Being available for chat conversations

To ensure that a chat conversation is assigned to an agent and that a customer knows that his/her question can be answered immediately, it's important that you're available for chat conversations! So make sure that your status is "online", by clicking on the chat icon in the upper right corner of your screen. If the dot is green, you're available for chat conversations.

There are three options for this availability, as can be seen in the bar on the right hand side of the screen:


Logged into Trengo and the chat status on online (green).


Logged in Trengo, but the chat on offline (red).


Not logged in Trengo.

In this way it is also easy for colleagues to see who is possibly available for chat conversations.

Assigning a conversation

As soon as a new conversation comes in, Trengo will notify you. It's also important that these notifications are allowed in the browser, especially because a customer often expects quick answers to his or her question via the chat.

To answer a chat it's important that the conversation is first assigned to self. People with a team leader or administrator role can do this themselves, but people with a user role must be assigned to a chat.

Once the chat has been assigned, you can start answering the customer's questions.