Show that you're available for Website chat and generate leads!

Website chat is a low-threshold way for customers to contact your organization. By indicating that the chat is available, the (potential) website chatter feels invited to contact the organization more quickly and it is therefore easier to generate leads. With the handy function "Show online status", the emphasis is put on the chat function of the website in a simple way!

Attracting attention easily

An administrator of the Trengo account can set up the "Show online status" function easily in the following way:

  1. Under Settings, open the Website widget.
  2. Click on the name of the widget to edit the widget.
  3. Make sure the "Show online status" function is switched on (green).
  4. Press the green "Update Widget" button.

Tadaa! 🎉 From now on, customers know that they can approach the organization easily. If no one is present for the chat, or the company is closed, the status is of course not shown (depending on the other settings).

Generating even more leads

Demonstrating accessibility can already ensure that customers contact you faster, but by combining this function with a number of other awesome settings of the chat, the number of leads is even higher! 🤩


Invite customers to a conversation via a greeting; a greeting is a pop-up notification out of the chat window.

Show always as available

Ensure that customers can always leave their message in the chat using the "Show always as available" function. By means of this function customers are requested to leave their email address. A question can always be answered then!