Closing Website chat conversations automatically

Suppose, for example, that there're ten ongoing Website chat conversations, a number of emails that still have to be answered and at that exact moment, the phone also starts ringing. At such a moment, if a customer starts a new chat conversation, it can happen that this conversation is overlooked. It's nice if the customer does not have to wait for a response for an inappriopriate amount of time then, but he/she's informed of the situation. Trengo has a nice solution for this: the automatic closing of chat conversations. By using this setting, the customer's immediately aware of the situation and can still ask his/her question at a later time😃.

Setting up the automatic closing of chat conversations

By following the steps below, automatic closing of chat conversations is easily set up!

  1. Open the "Website Widget" option under Settings.
  2. Edit the present widget by clicking on the name of the widget.
  3. Navigate to the chat feature of the widget.
  4. Edit the "Auto Close Chats" function and make sure it is switched on (green).
  5. Enter the number of seconds within which a conversation must be picked up under "Auto Close Chats in Seconds" . (This function appears automatically when Auto Close Chats is enabled).
  6. Click on the green "Update Widget" button to save the settings.


  1. Nobody likes long queues, of course, but on the other hand, two minutes also can also fly by unnoticed! Therefore, try various time settings regarding the automatic closing of tickets, in order to come to a time that fits in well within the organization!
  2. Combine this function with the Show Always Available function in the chat. Then the customer's asked to leave an email address and the question can be answered via email!