How you can be reached at all times!

Even if the chat can always be accessed by customers, it doesn't have to be the case that the company is also opened 24/7. The "Offline Outside Business Hours" function ensures that customers don't have to wait for an answer indefinitly, but immediately know where they stand.

What does this function do?

The "Offline Outside Business Hours" function is actually the link between the opening hours set under Auto Reply and the chat. In this way, the chat always goes offline, even when a colleague has forgotten to put him/herself offline. This way, a customer always knows exactly what he/she can expect.

Combine this function with the function "Show always as available" to ensure that the customer can approach the company, but immediately knows that he or she does not have to wait for a direct answer by means of an automated response.

When "Show always as available" function isn't enabled, the "Offline Outside business hours" function ensures that website visitors have the option to fill in a form regarding their question. This way the question can be answered the next workday!

Setting up Offline Outside Business Hours

This handy function is easy to set up in Trengo by following the steps below:

  1. Navigate through Settings to the Website Widget .
  2. Edit the relevant widget by clicking on it.
  3. Select the option "Chat" in the left menu.
  4. Turn on "Offline Outside Business Hours" (green).
  5. Save the changes.

In order for this application to function correctly, it's also important that the business hours are set up correctly. You can find this function in the settings under Auto Replies.