Collecting information in advance via the Pre-chat form

Sometimes it's useful if an employee already knows something about a customer before the conversation is assigned. A Pre-chat form can be the solution in gathering certain information.

The Pre-chat form

The Pre-chat form can be found under the chat settings of the website widget (via Settings -> Website widget -> Edit widget -> chat). This function can be switched on by sliding the button to 'green'. After that, custom fields can be created that are added to the form. The form can be as long or as short as the organization wishes.

The entry field name is automatically added to the form. If there's a need for more information, then extra fields can be added through the custom fields.

Give the extra fields a name by filling one in under "Title", which for example describes what the content should be of the field. Under "Sort Order" you can set at which place a field should appear in the form. Please note that these extra fields are not included in any other language that is added to the widget.

Required fields

Finally, it's even possible to make fields mandatory for the visitor. By ticking "Required" in Custom fields, a field is made mandatory. A customer cannot start a chat conversation before he/she has filled in this field.

Gather information easily

Another way in which the email address of a customer can be retrieved is by not using the Pre-chat form, but the option "Show Always Available". In this way, a customer can immediately and easily tell his/her story and is still asked for an email address. That's pretty convenient, because in that way a question can always be provided with feedback, even if the customer isn't on the website anymore 😉.