Conversation options for emailšŸ“§

In addition to simply communicating via email by means of the Trengo inbox, there are a number of other options within the conversation or message itself. These possibilities are represented by the three dots (see the image below).

Options for a single message

By clicking on the three dots next to the recipient or sender of a message, a menu is opened that states what can be done with this separate message. These actions are only performed with that message within the conversation; nothing happens with the other messages within the conversation. What options are available?

Show original

In Trengo, messages are compressed into a standard format. By clicking on "Show original", the original layout is shown. If messages are merged by another email system into a single message, these with an "original" display also appear in this message.

Open message in external screen

This function displays the message as a pop-up, in front of the Trengo screen.

Forward message

Send one received message to another recipient.

Print message

Print a single message.

Delete message

Delete a message from the conversation. (A message that has already been sent will remain sent. The message will only be removed from Trengo.)