How to send an email directly or later

It can happen to anyone: you typed your email and just at the moment the message is sent, you discover that one spelling mistake. It could have been prevented! In Trengo you're able to send a message immediately or later, so that you can read it again!

'Send', 'send and close' or 'send later'

Anyone who wants to send an email via Trengo has three options: send immediately, send and close or send later. These options are accessible via the arrow to the right of the green send button.

Send: The mail message is sent to the recipient directly and a ticket is created. This action can also be executed by clicking on the green "send" button.

Send and close: By closing a mail conversation directly through this function, the message won't be placed in the list of assigned tickets but will be closed immediately. Then it's clear that this conversation has been completed. Once there's a response from the customer, the conversation will reenter the New section of the inbox. It all depends on the settings of the email channel whether a new conversation will be created or not.

Send later: Do you want to read everything or have it checked by a colleague before the mail is sent? Then choose the option "Send later". At that moment a new conversation will be created, but the message won't be sent yet. At the moment that everything is checked, the message can still be sent. Good to know: in order to let a colleague check an email of yours, it's important that the created 'conversation' (ticket) is assigned to the colleague who must check the message. The colleague cannot read the concept if the ticket is still assigned to yourself!