How to set up your own profile

Besides the fact that Trengo works with "contacts" and "profiles" for customers, it's also possible to set up a personal profile.

Where's your own profile?

Those who log into Trengo will see his/her icon appear in the upper right corner. If the profile has not yet been edited, there's a colored circle with the first letter of the first name and surname. By clicking on it, a menu will appear in which there's the possibility to log out. In addition, there's also the option "My profile". The profile opens with the click of a button.

What can be set up here?

Within the profile there are a number of possibilities to personalize the account. For example, a photo can be added or the name can be updated.


Within the Overview, personal settings can be updated. 

First name and Last name: The possibility to change the first name and surname of your own account.

Profile image: Do you prefer a personal photo instead of an icon 👩? Then this can easily be set up here, or removed again by means of "delete image". This is also the photo that is visible to the customer when you're assigned to a chat conversation.

Language: Choose whether Trengo is displayed in English or in Dutch.

Phone number: By linking a mobile phone number to the profile, calls in Trengo can be forwarded to the mobile phone.

Timezone: Using Trengo it is possible to work anywhere in the world. By selecting the correct Timezone it is ensured that the timestamps are adapted and adjusted to the current time.

Change Password

It's also possible to change the password under the profile, to ensure that no one has access to the account.

Change e-mail: 

Is the incorrect email address linked to an account, or is there a new email address that needs to be linked to it? This can be adjusted under the profile. Convenient: the current password is required to be able to change the address. So the email address can never be changed just like that.

Two-factor auth

By enabling Two-factor authentication, working in Trengo is really secure! 


Within the Preferences it is able to set whether and when you would like to receive push notifications

If the profile is set up completely, every colleague can be recognized a lot better by his or her employees and by customers. Only then you can work efficiently from the team inbox !