Making outbound phone calls ☎️

It may, of course, be the case that organizations do not just receive calls. It may be that you also have to make a call yourself. How does that work in Trengo? Just follow the steps below:

  1. Open the telephone window
  2. Select the correct outgoing phone number (in the upper window)
  3. Select the country to be called
  4. Type in the phone number or contact name
    (Note: always enter phone numbers in the international format without the plus sign: 316 instead of 06, for example).
  5. Press enter.

As soon as 'Enter' is pressed, the phone will ring and a conversation can be held, provided of course there is enough money in your Trengo balance . If this is not the case, an administrator can top up this balance.


In addition to the regular channel costs, there are also call charges for telephony, depending on the country from which you are called or can be called from. An overview of these applicable charges can be found here.