Transferrring a call to a colleague

Would you like to transfer a call to a colleague? Simply redirect the conversation to a colleague in Trengo. Transferring is an ideal function within Trengo Voice. No hassle with different phone numbers or handheld devices. Everything can be done within the browser. It's important that this colleague is in a team that has access the same Voice channel.

Transferring a call

Transferring a telephone call within Trengo is incredibly easy. This can be done by following the following steps:

  1. Select the "Forward" button;
  2. Look for the name of the colleague who accept the call.

At that moment this colleague is called "internally". There's time for internal consultation via telephone for example. It's convenient to let the colleague know about what's to come in advance. Then continue the conversation with the customer by pressing the green "Transfer" button. Then the telephone conversation actually ends up with the accepting colleague and you can end the conversation.

Does the colleague indicate that he/she has no time, or does he/she simply not answer his/her phone? Then the call can be retrieved via the "Cancel Transfer" button. It is important to click on the "Forward" button again to get the customer back on hold.

Transferring to a team

Is a customer calling the wrong number? The telephone conversation can easily be transferred to another team by means of the forward button. Within this team, all employees who are "online" will hear the telephone ringing. The first person who picks up the phone will be able to speak to the customer. The consequent steps are the same as in the aforementioned process.

External transfer

Finally, it's also possible to connect externally, for example to colleagues who do not work in Trengo. For this the first steps of the forwarding as mentioned above can be followed again. Then select "External" instead of "User".

An external phone number can then be dialed. It is important that the international format is used for this, without the plus sign and '0'. So 3185123456 instead of 085 123 456. If the phone number has been dialed, the call will actually be continued by pressing the "Enter" key. After that everything is exactly the same as with the other two modes of transferring.

Does it happen that you do not have the time to sit behind your desk (and thus PC) and it's important that the customers can reach the organization on the trusted phone number? Then turn on call forwarding to a mobile phone.

The colleague doesn't answer: what now?

Suppose that the phone call is transferred to a colleague, but he cannot answer the phone at that time.Then it is important that you can transfer the call back to yourself. This can be done by following the steps set out below:

  1. Press the red "Cancel Transfer" button.
  2. Press the "Forward" button again.
  3. Let the customer know who is on the line again.